2019 CrossFit Mount Kisco Summer Games

2019 CrossFit Mount Kisco Summer Games

Event Divisions:

  • Mens RX But Worse

  • Womens RX But Worse

  • Mens RX

  • Womens RX

  • Mens Scaled

  • Womens Scaled

  • Cherry Popper 🍒

Event Details

The In-House competition we've been waiting for.  

1st Annual CrossFit Mount Kisco Summer Games
Saturday, July 27
CrossFit Mount Kisco
Heats begin at 9:00am, 🌧 or ☀️
Athlete Briefing at 8:15am

2 WODs, 2 Floaters, 1 Max Lift



RX/Modified/🍒 Popper


Registration is  FREE!

Winners of each division will receive a prize that hasn't been figured out yet, but trust us it'll be cool.  

The Coaching staff is collaborating on bringing our community the most fun and the most challenging in house competition to date.  Russ and Ryan are writing the WODs.  Phil and Steph are writing the Floater WODs.  Chelsey is writing the Max Lift.  In the spirit of pure CrossFit, the details of each of these will be kept secret until the DAY OF COMPETITION!

We are calling for judges! You will have to be able to no-rep an athlete, even a friend! You will have to be firm on the movement standards! NO BRO REPS ALLOWED! You have to be able to count and fill out a score card ACCURATELY! Judges will need to be able to attend a pre-comp standards meeting the night before the event.  8-10 judging volunteers are requested!

Want to volunteer? You have to be able to take rapid direction, move quickly and efficiently, and be able to pick up and/or move and/or reset heavy weights or equipment.  Volunteers need to be on site by 8:00am to be assigned their space and be instructed by the Coach in charge of that workout space.  4-5 volunteers are requested.  

Event WODS

Feet Set Hand Set Back Set

12:00 time cap 0:00-3:00 to get to a 3 rep max Hang Snatch rest 1:00 4:00-7:00 to get to a 2 rep max Shoulder To Overhead rest 1:00 9:00-12:00 1 rep max Hang Clean RULES: 1) In each 3:00 window you may NOT take weight off the bar once you have put it on. YOU MAY ONLY TAKE WEIGHT OFF YOUR BAR DURING YOUR 1:00m REST PERIOD (if needed). 2) Athlete may attempt the lift as many times as needed in the 3:00 window 3) Athlete must completely stand up/lock out the rep while inside the 3:00 window in order for the rep(s) to count Score is the accumulated total of each heaviest lift.

Chipper at High Volume

If you're not reading this in Ryan's voice do you even CFMK? 10 Minute Cap Wall Balls Dumbbell Snatches Russian Swings Squats with something fun Burpees

Vomit Is The New Black

Brought to you by our favorite docent of the Saturday Pain Cave, Russell The Muscle. 10 Minute AMRAP Minutes 0-4 (4 min AMRAP): Max reps Clean and Jerk Minutes 4-7 (3 min AMRAP): Max Calorie Row Minutes 8-9 (2 min AMRAP): Max Pull Ups Minute 9-end (1 min AMRAP): Max BARF Burpees 🏆 Score is total reps completed for all movements combined ***** WEIGHTS AND STANDARDS ****** Row Standards same for all divisions Clean & Jerk RX: 95#/65# Scaled: 75#/55# 🍒: 45#/30# Pull Up RX: Pulls Ups (kipping or butterfly, but chin must go over the bar) Scaled: One heavy black band (same band for all athletes) 🍒: jumping pull ups, hands 6” below bar BARF Standards RX: 2 foot take-off and landing Scaled: one foot take off and landing allowed 🍒: bar flat on ground, but 2 foot take-off and landing required


From Steph, with ❤️. Accumulate 2:00 of a chin over bar static hold. Each drop from the bar will stop the clock until 5 regular burpees are completed and the static hold is re-established. Score is total number of burpees. Low score wins this one! *in case of a tie, a clever tie break called The HufflePuffers has been devised and will be revealed when needed*

Assholes and Elbows

3:00 time cap FLOATER WOD 400m run Max slamballs At 3-2-1 Go the athlete has 3 minutes to complete a 400m run and with the remaining time accumulate the maximum number of slamballs possible. RX 50#/40# Scaled 30#/25# 🍒 Popper 30#/25#

Event Info:

2019 CrossFit Mount Kisco Summer Games

Date: July 27, 2019

Location: 25 Hubbles Dr, Mount Kisco NY

Registration: $0.00




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