Meet Our Team

Phillip Itwaru

Phil Itwaru is the Owner, Head Programmer, and Head Coach of CrossFit Mount Kisco.  Phil has nearly 10 years of coaching experience in CrossFit methodology and is trained in CrossFit Level 2 and CrossFit Kids.  Phil is a patient, dynamic, and very knowledgeable coach, and he inspires the best in his athletes.  He will challenge you, test your limits, encourage you, and above all, never give up on helping you meet your fitness goals. 

Ryan Funigiello

Meet Ryan.  Coach.  SAG Actor.  Human megaphone.  You never get to say you didn't hear what Coach is saying when Ryan is running the class.  Enthusiastic and supportive is an understatement.  CrossFit Level 1 trainer and coaching since 2012, Ryan will motivate you to work your hardest but still magically enjoy every minute of even the worst possible workout, and his positivity sticks with you for the rest of the day.  

Steph Bueti

Stephanie Bueti, a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, is committed to inspiring athletes in the gym to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle, even with the demands of young children and work.  Steph is mom to two little ones, CrossFitted through two pregnancies, a hairstylist and competitive athlete who has participated in both local competitions, as well as the prestigious Granite Games.  Not only is she CrossFit Kids certified but also brings a passion, creativity and wealth of knowledge to modification and adaptation for a variety of scaling needs including pregnancy and injury.

RTM Adler

RTM Adler (Russell "The Muscle" Adler, Esq.), is one of the coaching and athlete fixtures of CrossFit Mount Kisco.  He never shirks from a challenge, and he'll never miss an opportunity to lift heavy.  He both creates the workouts and coaches the Saturday morning classes, and, when opportunity allows, runs a quick Open Gym after Saturday classes are done.   Russ is a CrossFit Level 1 trainer and when not at CrossFit he has a silly hobby practicing law.